ClientBuilder class not available in javax.ws.rs-api 2.0-m10
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Sapna Bhargava
2014-10-21 19:30:09 UTC
Hi All,

Im creating a REST client in Apache Karaf 2.3.6 using cxf 2.7.12.
CXF-2.7.12 uses javax.ws.rs-api version 2.0-m10.

Now I need to create a Client in my program, to perform some REST calls. Im
forced to use glassfish jersey-client (and not com.sun.jersey) due to
dependency on javax version 2.0.

Im trying to create a javax.ws.rs.client.Client using ClientBuilder, but it
seems the ClientBuilder class does not exist the 2.0-m10 jar.
Also Client.create() does not work either.

Could someone point out how can I instantiate a Client in javax 2.0-m10?

Thanks in advance,