Request disappearing into HttpUrlConnection
(too old to reply)
Eric Stein
2014-03-31 19:27:32 UTC
Today all my integration tests stopped working. They just sat and spun. I'm using JUnit 4 test cases extending JerseyTest with Jersey 2.4.

A little debugging identified the stack trace:

Thread [main] (Suspended (breakpoint at line 379 in HttpURLConnection))
HttpURLConnection(HttpURLConnection).getResponseCode() line: 379
HttpUrlConnector._apply(ClientRequest) line: 316
HttpUrlConnector.apply(ClientRequest) line: 216
ClientRuntime.invoke(ClientRequest) line: 217
JerseyInvocation$1.call() line: 655
JerseyInvocation$1.call() line: 652
Errors.process(Callable<T>, boolean) line: 315
Errors.process(Producer<T>, boolean) line: 297
Errors.process(Producer<T>) line: 228
RequestScope.runInScope(Producer<T>) line: 422
JerseyInvocation.invoke() line: 652
JerseyInvocation$Builder.method(String) line: 387
JerseyInvocation$Builder.get() line: 291

For some reason, getResponseCode() is no longer returning *on my local machine*. It was returning last week. It still returns on our build server. It still returns on my coworker's machine. Does anybody have any idea as to what might be going wrong? I'm not even really sure where to start trying to debug this one.